December 10, 2008

Lost Antonov An-8 plane in Russia

Once again it's big, rusted strange and beautiful and it's in Russia. Few Km north of Saint Petersburg this giant Antonov An-8 plane rests in the woods. Why is it there, how long has it been there? If you have any info drop me a line.

coordinates : 60°07'03.95"N 30°12'12.37"E
google map

pictures sources : 1 2 3


  1. This plane isn't "lost"! It is located on the territory of the small military base (the base is specialized in radio-location), and is (probably) used for training of soldiers. It stands there for at least 30 years (more earlier I was too young to pay attention at such things :) )

    P.S.: sorry for my awful english...

  2. Maybe it was parked there for use in training exercises? Is it near a military or police installation, or an airport, or even a school?

  3. These might make good "Dark Tourism" venues.

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