An abandonned hotel on the north coast of taiwan, than was never finished.

" First of all, what are they made of?
Well, you can easily realize that if you see them first hand. The flying saucer parts are made of fiberglass. This is not surprising at all since here on the north coast one of the main businesses is the construction of fiberglass yachts. The fiberglass is attached to a central column made of ferrcement.

Next, what happened to it?
Well, I've heard a dozen version of this one, but the one I tend to put the most faith in, because it is fairly common in Taiwanese real estate development as well as having the flavor of mundane reality, is that there was a falling out of the partners towards the end of construction. Also, consider that this was approximately the time of the biggest real estate bubble in history which was even bigger than the one in the US today, that is the Japanese real estate bubble of the eighties. This is a relic from that era and while you may protest that Taiwan in not Japan. Well, it's a long story but suffice it to say that Taiwan is indeed a former colony of Japan and their economies are interrelated in many complex ways and Taiwan's real estate was certainly caught up in a huge bubble at that time. The house I'm in now was worth around half a million in those days. Today it probably couldn't get a hundred and fifty. So, it's really not too mysterious what happened if you know a bit about the economic history of real estate in Taiwan.

What was it meant to be?
This one is pretty easy if you look around the place. It was something like a hotel/amusement park/spa kind of thing. Again, this is no surprise if you're in the area and have a chance to peek around. There were two very large and complex swimming pools with water slides in the middle of it that may have had other features like a wave machine. It wasn't meant to be single family housing or anything like that. It was more like a fancy hotel or resort. Although it's cool to think of living there as a permanent residence, I assume it was too costly for that sort of thing."

coordinates : 25°15'39.43"N 121°28'37.72"E
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  1. riki // Wednesday, March 25, 2009 4:21:00 AM  

    sadly, these UFO was all knocked down last friend personally witness the process...