8 DHL Express Boeing 727s now parked in the desert.

This plane was delivered to Trans World Airlines (TWA) on June 20 1974 and flew until it was retired on September 4 1997, at which time it was brought here and has sat in this spot ever since. The paint is 1975 TWA color scheme, which is now quite faded by the Arizona sun.

Another Tri-Star ending its life at Kingman. This one was delivered to TWA on February 23 1974 and was retired September 2 1997 and it has now been sitting here for more than 10 years.

As of 2008 there are only about 25 of these jets still operating around the world, the largest group with Britain's Royal Air Force; 2 of them are operating in the United States, flown by American Trans Air for troop charters; and the rest are privately owned.

coordinates : 35°15'06.28N 113°57'20.11W
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pictures sources :
Bruce Leibowitz

text source :
Bruce Leibowitz

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