Sometime in the ‘70s, Nezametnaya Cove became a ship graveyard. Back then the shipyards had a hard time keeping up with the regular and urgent orders, so as a rule, they didn’t even begin to deal with dismantling old submarines.

So they resolved the problem of their scrapping very simply: if they weren’t sunk as targets during exercises, they were towed to the next cove over where the hull soon just floated on the surface. According to the accounts of veterans, there were still some ships and boats floating there

coordinates : 69°13'24.66"N 33°20'48.86"E
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  1. Unknown // Friday, July 31, 2009 12:55:00 AM  

    if you check out the bay around the google map location you can find many more shipwrecks. One is very clearly visible to the east of the submarines.

    btw Love this site, been roaming it for hours allready