On the north coast of Tunisia, not far from the cities of Bizerte (Banzart) and Menzel Djemil, you can see this rusted giant. What happened to her ? on January 21st 1983 the Ydra, a greek ship went aground after a fire in engine room. Probably too damaged to be repaired she never left Tunisia.

(a picture of the Ydra few years after the wreck)

The Ydra was built in 1966 in the UK under the name Manchester Fort, she became a Yugoslavia ship under the name Biokovo in 1971, before becoming a Greek ship in 1980.

(another shipwreck few hundred meters away)

coordinates : 37°15'07.63"N 9°56'54.52"E
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  1. יובל // Thursday, November 20, 2008 1:52:00 AM  

    This reminds me of the wreck of the American Star, near the coast of Fuerteventura (see here for more details, or search wikipedia). Of course, today there's not much left of that wreck, but it was similar to the Yrda when it stood upright.

    Yuval =8-)

  2. The Artificial Owl // Tuesday, January 13, 2009 7:53:00 AM  

    Actually I posted an article on the American Star :

    Shipwreck-of the American Star

    one of the most stunning shipwreck. Too bad it collapsed.

    Thanks for your comment Yuval!

  3. jakcent // Wednesday, March 25, 2009 7:32:00 AM  

    you can see it with google map satellite very well.
    Jacques CNTNZ