Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in Jutland Denmark started life on December 27, 1900 (construction started in 1899). The lighthouse is 60 metres above sea level. Until 1908 it operated on gas.
It ceased to operate on August 1, 1968.

Shifting sands and coastal erosion led to the buildings being abandoned in 2002. Prior to their abandonment, the buildings had been used as a museum and coffee shop. The small buildings are now partially buried in sand.

Looking at different era photos, it's interesting to see sand dunes moving around, burying some of the buildings, sometimes uncovering them.

coordinates : 57°26'56.02"N 9°46'27.66"E
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  1. outofruins // Friday, August 14, 2009 6:55:00 PM  

    Blew me away when I saw it. This one, the Atacama hand, the church, and some of the shipwrecks are just outright gorgeous. Excellent finding skills.