A the extreme south tip of Cape Romano island in Florida, you can encounter what looks like monsters from space walking towards the ocean. There are in fact a set of abandoned constructions. Thank you to Kristen Mancuso for sending this cool discovery and their accompanying photos.

Photo credit- Kristen Mancuso

What the story of the white domes?
The structures were built in 1982, but are slowly slipping in to the Gulf of Mexico now.
They survived Hurricane Wilma. It seems they were originally several hundred yards off shore but Hurricane Wilma washed away a considerable amount of shore and severely damaged them.

Photo credit- Kristen Mancuso

Photo credit- Kristen Mancuso

coordinates : 25°50'42.68"N 81°40'52.30"W
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pictures sources : 1 & Kristen Mancuso
text source : 1 & Kristen Mancuso

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