These are the remains of a M3 Half-track vehicle (if I'm correct) which according to Wikipedia
was "an armoured vehicle used by the United States and its allies during World War II and the Cold War." The pictures were taken by Dayne T. while traveling on the tracks around the gorgeous area of Hole in the rock in Utah. Thanks for the great pictures Dayne.

All the valuable parts seemed to have been stripped apart over the years. This carcass strikingly reminds me of the dried out elephant skeleton that are found in the African desert. Anywhere else this sight would have been mundane, but in this remote desertic area, it gets a whole different meaning.

Illustration of a complete Half-track M3

The area of Hole in the rock, unknown to me, looks like a great destination.

coordinates : 37°22'31.71"N 110°32'21.06"W
google map

pictures sources : 1 2 3 & Dayne T.
text source : 1 & Dayne T.

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