Driving on highway 108, On the way back from a camping week end in the sierra, north of the Yosemite National Park we stopped at this location, that I had seen many times before. Friends recommended it. The building, on top of a hill next to the highway doesn't look that impressive from the outside. It's only when you get closer that you start to see something quiet unusual: the place is full of all the things that it contained when it was abandoned.

We visited for a couple of hours all the rooms of what probably use to be a bar or a restaurant and possibly a guest house. I found on an old bill that the name of the place was Little Sweden. The owners for an unexplained reason left the place as it was with absolutely everything you can imagine in.

Remains of a truck.

From dates on bills and magazines it seems that the place was last inhabited around 1995. Of course and unfortunately it had been vandalized since. I did some research on the net but couldn't find a piece of info about it. If you know anything about what happen there I'll be happy to include that here.

Old polaroids capture stories only for those who can remember them...

Short and Special + a nail in a freezer...

The main room.

The kitchen.

A bedroom.

An old video game.

Clothes still in the closet after more than 10 years.

coordinates : 38°08'04.54"N 120°05'43.13"W
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pictures sources : gregoire V. & Artificial Owl
text source : Artificial Owl

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