The bust of the late Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos lies badly defaced Monday, Dec. 30, 2002 at Mt. Pugo, La Union province in northern Philippines, a day after it was ripped in a powerful explosion shortly after midnight Sunday.

The explosion ripped off the eyes, nose, ears and most of the upper part of the bust but did not topple it from the top of a cliff overlooking the South China Sea, where it was erected in the 1970s, allegedly to immortalize the strongman who was toppled in a near bloodless "People Power" revolution in 1986.

The monument before the explosion.

coordinates : 16°22'54.47"N 120°30'57.56E
(the bust is said to be next to the Marcos highway between the cities of pugo and baguio, let me know if you have better information on its exact location)
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