The abandoned Corringie Settlement is at Wilson's Patch, 65km north of the remote mining town of Leonora. Half way between Leonora & Leinster in the Gold Fields Region of outback Western Australia, Australia.
In the mid-1980s Victor and Joan Isaacs moved to Isaacs' birthplace at Wilson's Patch, a bleak and stony terrain 80km north of the remote mining town of Leonora. The couple wanted to set up an alcohol-free settlement in which their nine children, their families and others could live isolated from the destructive influences of city life.

They took with them a few elderly relatives. Then they salvaged building materials from abandoned mining sites and rubbish dumps and built huts. Running water and telephone were connected in 1990.

The camp seems to have been alive an active for years, I then lose track of what happened, and how I finally was abandoned probably around the year 2000.

Detail of one of the Buckminster Fuller-designed geodesic domes.

I Want To Thank Max Jefferies for providing me with his great pictures and information.

coordinates : 28°19'14.36"S 121°09'55.63"E
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pictures sources : Photos courtesy of - Max Jefferies
text sources :
Max Jefferies
Corringie Settlement Website
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